Is illustration art? Is illustration really the new black?
All your most important questions are answered below...

Q. What services does Twist provide?

Twist is mainly an illustration service. My output is quite diverse, ranging from creative illustration to maps and diagrams. I also handle storyboards, design a lot of characters and even manage some Flash animation.

Having a strong background in graphic design also means that I can add this discipline to the mix. While I will happily do just illustration or just design work, often the two are combined so that I manage both aspects. Then you only need to deal with one person from start to finish, providing a holistic approach where the concept, illustration and design are all effectively integrated.

Q. How do you charge and will you provide a quote?

I can either charge by the hour or I can quote on your projects. To quote, I will require a written brief and the more detail the better. My quotes are based on my hourly rate, so it will be detailed to include all aspects of your project (based on your brief) with a total price excluding gst. This is so you know exactly what you will get for the quoted fee. If you accept the quote, it acts as a contract. If the project moves outside of the brief, I am happy to provide another quote to cover the extra scope.

Quoting on illustrations is generally straight forward, however graphic design involves a process with many variables and unknowns so I will need to allow for this in the quoted fee. Subsequently, a 'by the hour fee' for design can often be more economical for the client.

Please read this RATES & INFO document for more information.

Q. I am commissioning on behalf of a client. How does this work?

If you are an account manager or art director who is 'sub-contracting' Twist, you may choose to either let your client know about this arrangement or not. Either way, I'm sure you will make your client fully aware of the details of my quote so that they know what to expect.

Q. Can you work to a budget?

Yes. If you have a set fee in mind I can look at your brief and make suggestions to keep the cost down.

Q. What is your process for developing an illustration?

After the initial phone or email enquiry, with any project I will require a written a brief. This is so I can detail a quote for your job which will include the steps required. If you need help with ideas I will be happy to assist with this as part of the process or elaborate on your concepts if you wish.

With illustration, I will usually start by hand drawing some concept sketches (pencil roughs) for comment. I will then adjust a sketch and re-submit this. Generally this is enough for me to complete the final illustration. I can make minor adjustments to the final if required.

Q. What is your process for design work?

With design work it depends on the job. A logo design for example would be similar to my illustration process except I would produce concepts on the computer. More complex projects will require a longer lead time and a different strategy for completion. However I will estimate this at quote stage, based on the brief and complete the job by the agreed date.

Q. How long will an illustration take?

Time-wise, it depends on your requirements of course. However a single, fairly complex illustration can usually be turned around in 3-5 days. I will attempt to fit in with your schedule as much as possible.

Q. Do you have a preferred illustration style?

Some illustrators like to stick with one style, but I have tended to branch out into various styles of illustration to cover a variety of projects. Vector illustration is very popular and can be applied to most briefs, but I will use hand-drawing if required, especially for comic styles and storyboarding. I also use Photoshop regularly to create more realistic images or for photo-montage work.

Q. How do you deal with copyright?

Always a big question for clients is in relation to copyright. In general, I will retain copyright on all illustrations and designs unless otherwise negotiated. Under the law state and federal government departments assume copyright. However, I have a licensing procedure that allows other clients extra usage rights in certain circumstances.

Please read this RATES & INFO document for more information.

Q. Why commission Twist when I can get
    something cheap from a stock site?

Illustrations, graphics and designs from Twist are customised to your requirements. A client will generally contact me for images that are specific to their needs. Their criteria in order is generally...
1. Customisation 2. Quality 3. Turnaround 4. Budget

Stock sites on the other hand fill a niche that caters to less specific needs where budget and time is tight, quality is of lower priority and customisation is not required.

Q. Is there anything you DON'T do?

I do not create 3D visuals or do CAD.
Though I can plan and design the visual aspects of websites, I do not personally perform the back end coding but I can manage this through outsourcing.

Q. Who uses Twist illustration and design and why?

Twist Illustration and Design has been operating for many years so I've had the opportunity to work with many interesting businesses and organisations. These include advertising agencies, design studios, book publishers, magazine publishers, newspapers, small businesses and government departments. Many of these clients have been interstate or overseas so I've managed my communication effectively online and by phone.

Clients contact Twist for a number of reasons – for my experience in the field, the variety of illustrations that I can produce, for the quality of my work and for the personalised, attentive service that they receive.

Thanks for reading